Tracking Bobby

When Father Bobby discovers that Jesus may have survived the cross, he realizes if true, the Church will be seen as a fraud and hoax.

With no after life, no Resurrection, and no Redemption of man's sins, Christians everywhere will suffer a devastating assault on their faith and the world will be changed forever.

Setting out on his journey to discover the truth, Bobby is murdered by The Hand of Christ, a super-conservative protective society of the church.

Now it is up to his brother Burt, a hard-nosed American cop, to find out what happened. Pursued by the same shape-shifting assassin who killed Bobby, Burt and a young student, Lola,

track his brother’s footsteps from Rome, Italy to Tarsus and Urfa, Turkey to New Delhi, India, finally arriving in war- torn Kashmir in the high Himalayas where the stunning climax to Bobby’s quest is revealed.

"Back Door Down", a riveting techno-thriller from JOHN RESTER ZODROW

Arriving with her family on Saipan, an island in the beautiful South Pacific, SALLY BOLT soon finds that this part of America, the “back door” to the United States, is deceptively corrupt. From money laundering to shipping illegal drugs, and even a radical Islamic terrorist secretly sending a dirty bomb to the California mainland, anything goes.
But when gangsters brutally murder her husband, MARK, Sally’s life turns upside down. Reeling from grief, the one-time military field operative must find her young daughter, LAURA, kidnapped by a billionaire pedophile.
Meanwhile, in the chaos, the terrorist’s nuclear weapon of mass destruction sails silently aboard the freighter, Mariana Maru, to wipe out a fellow American city.

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